Career Counselling

HSCAcademia starts by assessing your interests, knowledge and personality to identify the careers, industries and work environment that best suit you.

  • At HSCAcademia, we have extensive experience in the field and have worked a wide range of industries.
  • Whether you are looking for some knowledge on careers or are just interested to know which careers suit you best, we are there to help!
  • We will start by identifying your interests in a particular subject and the outcomes you are looking to achieve. Moreover, we help you in providing career trends and how to opt smartly.
  • The student can also discuss the career pathways with us and we can analyse how to achieve desired results

Career Choices

In Year 10 and Year 12, students faces a major cross-road in their lives. It’s about this time of the school year where these awaiting school graduates have to make important decisions for their future.

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Good career counselling from experienced and learned professional is a key for a successful transformation from school to work or further study.